A love supreme?

Bellatron's Lover?
Rumours have long been whispered that the beautiful Bellatron and Optimus Prime have been secretly seeing each other off and on for a very long time. The tabloids frequently suggest the happy couple meet in secret locations across the universe every once and a while to fuel their lusty cyber romance.

An 'insider' quoted by Robot Monthly Magazine has suggested that Bellaton desperately loves Optimus Prime because he is "a heroic, brave and compassionate character who puts all his immense talents to good work, supporting human causes and defending the galaxy from the Decepticon horde"

Don't you just love how magazines always manage to find and insider or close friend who wished to be anonymous to offer up a quote?

We put the question to Prime's PR agent, Gerry Hackman, who told us over the telephone that Prime officially had no comment and that unofficially we could go stick our head up a Constructicon's buttock. Which we thought was a tad rude.

Speculation about Optimus aside, Bellatron has also been linked to a string of other robot romances, including alleged dalliances with Ultra Magnus, Rodimus Prime and Omega Supreme. Megatron has officially denied he is in love with Bellatron but the rumours remain.

She also apparently had a brief fling with actor Matt Damon.

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