Who is Bellatron?

Bellatron is a warrior princess robot goddess who prowls the universe righting wrongs, slaying dragons, drinking vodka and gin or a combination of both straight, and other wise kicking ass and taking names.

A distant cousin of the famous Autobot soldier Arcee, Bellatron often visits our galaxy when the Autobots need assistance in their everlong struggle saving humanity from the dastardly Decepticons.Bellatron famously shot Starscream in the nuts  in New York's Central Park.

Our Fair Lass is equally as well known for that incident as for her habit of cussin' out of Decepticons as being Deceptacreeps.

Bellatron is a proud supporter of many human causes. She has saved her share of the whales and carefully  recycles vodka and gin bottles when she visits Earth.

Known as a bit of a socialite, Bellatron is often photographed by the paparazzi hanging out with Paris Hilton's daughter Sabrina and aging hipster, Hugh Jackman. Rumours suggest Bellatron is actually dating Optimus Prime.

It is also often rumoured that Bellatron was part of the French Resistance during World War II but this has never been confirmed.

Bellatron is a big fan of Lady Gaga and thinks her song, Schei├če, is the shit.

This site is run by The Optimus Prime Experiment as a thank you to Bellatron for getting our fat cat off the roof once.

Bellatron's best friend, Jenae Ryan runs a drama school called Sunshine Drama.