A Day in the Life

A day in the life of Bellatron and her robot friends

Bellatron often receives many questions from her millions of fans about her daily routine from what make up she wears, her diet and what her exercise regime is. Given it's International Robot Health Week, Bellatron has decide to share some of her tricks of the trade that help keep her so trim and war ready.

Here's a typical day in the life of Bellatron:


6000 press ups
3 ab crunches
Bench press the car outside in the street, 700 times
Series of stretches

6.05 am

Breakfast of OJ, bowl of oats, 80 energon cubes, some road kill and a popsicle to get rid of the after taste.

7am to 12pm

Beat down on deceptacreeps like Soundwave, Ravage, Megatron, Astrotrain and the odd Predacons.

12 to 2pm 

Read Vogue Magazine, drink a bottle of Vodka, get some sun.

2pm - 5pm

It's a bit of a blur apparently


Prepare for cocktail hour, straighten hair, apply Max Factor, put on a pretty dress.


Typical Evening: Call from Ratchet to let Bellatron know the Deceptacreeps have launched a counter attack down in the Valley, plans ruined, counter offensive launched. Autobots vs Decepticons: Chaos Ensues. 

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