Bellatron: I fight for Truth, I fight for Justice and I fight for the American Way

A sketch of superman by Bellatron
The legendary Superman is well known for his motto that his mission was to "To fight for truth, justice and the American Way". What most people don't know is that it was actually a paraphrasing of what Bellatron said to him shortly after they jointly defeated General Zod, Ursa and Non when they attacked Earth some years ago.

After defeating Zod and his minions in a second battle in the Arctic Circle that occured following the earlier havoc that took place on the streets of Metropolis, Superman and Bellatron plotted what to do next. During that conversation Superman asked Bellatron what she stood for and she replied, "I fight for Truth, I fight for Justice and I fight for the American Way". Superman was clearly inspired by this moment and began to use the ideas for his own motto. Bellatron then had to leave to prepare for her showing on that night's Jeopardy show, confident that Supes had Zod covered with his plan to reverse their super powers.

You may be surprised to hear of this second battle and Bellatron's involvement. Indeed, it is not well known at all, as the documentary filmed and released to the America public by an upcoming documentary maker Richard Lester, had all the scenes of Bellatron cut by order of the President of the United States who wished for the existence of Bellatron to be kept secret from everyone*.

Many people doubt this incident ever actually occurred and that Superman's line of fighting for truth was from Bellatron is all spin by Bellatron's Public Relations Experts but now that Superman's will has been made public following his death at the hands of the villain Doomsday, the reference to Bellatron being left the title deed to the Fortress of Solitude as thanks for her help in 'the brave defense of Earth from the Traitors of Krypton ' leaves no doubt.

But the damage has been done by the Lester documentary and the world at large still believes it was Superman alone that saved Earth from the villains of the Phantom Zone. Now you know better.

*Obviously, once the existence of the Transformers being on Earth was made public in the early 1980s there was no point keeping the existence of Bellatron secret anymore.

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