Kills, Spills and Thrills

Here's some key kills, thrills and spills that Belltron has managed to survive over the last few thousand years:

The Nut Job

During the middle of an intense firefight between the Decepticons and the Autobots circa 1988, Starscream for once forgot he was a cowardly robot and stepped out from behind a rock to launch a firefight assault. Bellatron flipped over the dead before her, landed defty, and shot Starscream right in the family jewels. To his horror, all the other decepticons began laughing so much, the offensive was called off.

Shooting Womprats on Tatooine

Bellatron once met a young, starry eye kid on the desert planet of Tattootine. This kid had a thing for shooting womp rats in his T-16 but he just couldn't quite get his shots centered. Bellatron noticed he slightly pulled his arm to the right when he fired. Luke was receptive to her ideas and quickly was able to bulleye the wamp rats from far far away. To this day, Bellatron wonders what happened to that boy and his dreams.

Netball Injury

Our herione broke her finger playing netball for the Rocket Socket team in the Andromeda Strain's intergalactic league. She cried, but only because she broke a nail too.

A Love Supreme?

It is often rumoured that Bellatron is secretly in a relationship with Autobot Leader, Optimus Prime. Despite being pressed on the issue numerous time by journalists from Vogue, House and Country and the junior reporter from the Hawke's Bay Today newspaper, Bellatron has never talked. Optimus Prime, ever the gentlemen has always referred the matter to his press agent who then issues a stern, 'No Comment!"

Gear of War

It has never been confirmed but it's often suggested that Bellatron also took part the initial battle for the planet of Sera, siding with the COG government against the Locust Horde. Word on the street is that Bellatron was great friends with Dominic Santiago's wife Maria and when she heard Maria had been taken, she came to Sera to help the search which sadly ended when Dominic found Maria some years later.

Aspho Tartar 

In 784BC Bellatron was looking for trouble in a pub on the small moon of Endor. She found it in the form of Aspho Tartar, a three legged barfly hailing from the planet Texas. Sensing his misogynistic tendancy she challenged him to a leg wrestling match which resulted in each party going home with with a broken leg and a draw issued. Bellatron did key Aspho's Centennial Falcon on her way home though. She healed overnight, Aspho Tartar walked with a heavy limp for the reminder of his years.

Le Resistance

Historians believe that Bellatron was part of the French Resistance during World War II but this has never been confirmed. Historical documents suggest she was the fastest morse code sender this side of the English Channel.

Defence of Earth from General Zod

In the late 1970's the super villain General Zod attached the city of Metropolis at which time Superman came to the city's rescue, shortly afterwards a second battle occured wherein Superman enlisted the support of Bellatron. She managed to outflank Ura and Non and then distracted them long enough for Superman to take down Zod.

Freeing the People of Hexagon

Bellatron one waged a wage against an entire race of aliens known as the Kali Ma who had enslaved the Hexagon people. Her efforts inspired a revolution which ultimately freed the people of Hexagon.

Drama Class

Bellattron also has graduated with Honours, First Class from Sunshine Drama, a school for taking creative drama lessons.