Is Bellatron Really Arcee's Cousin?

Can you see the resemblance to Bellatron?
Is Bellatron Really Arcee's Cousin?

Bellatron sure is Arcee's cousin. Arcee is one of the original female Autobots that came to Earth to guard against Decepticon attacks. She has been praised by many for her fearless approach to battle and her ability to select the best lawn mower for small yards.

Arcee would often write intergalactic emails to Bellatron and would share her stories of the great battles she fought and how pretty the Earth was and how loving it's people were.

The moment Bellatron was able to free herself from imprisonment* on Alpha Massarati, she caught the next Astro Train to Earth. Originally she flatted with Arcee but soon moved to her own mansion in the Beverly Hills area.

One of the most infamous stories about Arcee and Bellatron involves a cattle prod, a bottle of vodka, the Decepticon Soundwave and an F-14 Tomcat but the American President ordered that story to be classified as Top Secret and so we can't share it with you.

We can share with you that both their favourite colour is Pink.

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