Bellatron vs Starscream: The Nut Job

Starscream's favourite ballet is The Nutcracker

There have been many popular chapters in the life of Bellatron.

Battles with alien forces on the edge of the Milky Way and the single-handed destruction of Unicron’s twin in the Galaxy of Oasis are more bigger and more epic than most adventures but the fight that everyone always wants to talk about is the infamous shooting of Starscream in the meat and two veges.

Due to this story taking on a grand life of it's own, here's what went down as told to us by Bellatron herself.

During the famous 1998 Battle for Central Park, there was an intense firefight between the evil Decepticons and the brave Autobots. Bellatron, Bumblee, Jazz, Skids and Mirage were being held down by a particularly strong offensive action by a Decepticon unit featuring all the Constructicons, Insecticons, Soundwave, Shockwave, the snarly Ravage and of course, Starscream.

An inexplicable tactical error by Bumblebee (he'd been learning how to homebrew beer, using ph meters) had meant the Autobots were backed up in a corner of the Park and found themselves helmed in and low on ammunition. Starscream, sensing a rare opportunity for a victory, for once forgot he was a cowardly deceptacreep robot and stepped out from behind a large rock to launch his final firefight assault.

Bellatron saw this action and selflessly stepped out from behind the water fountain, leapt over the dead body of Bonecrusher and whilst still in the air shot Starscream right in the family jewels. He fell to the ground in agony, crying for his momma.

To Starscream's complete embarrassing and horror, all the other Decepticons began laughing so much that they forgot about the firefight and thus gave the Autobots and a relieved Bumblebee the chance to escape. Soundwave had to call the offensive off. Ravage then dragged a crying and whiny Starscream to the pond in the middle of the Park to give him the chance to cool his robot bits down.

Jazz immediately tweeted the incident to his 700,000 followers, while Mirage put video footage of 'The Nut Job' on Youtube and the rest, as they blog and re-tweet, is history.

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