Bellatron vs the Calamari From Space

No Kali Ma puts Bellatron in a corner!

Just add some salt and pepper

About 250 Earth years ago, in a galaxy far far away, Bellatron fought perhaps one of her most famous battles against the monstrous race known as the Kali Ma who had enslaved a small, peaceful collection of beings known as the Hexagons. 

Bellatron first heard of this slave based oppression as she was flying through space when her ship, The Delta Ray, picked up a distress beacon. 

A sole Hexagon had managed to escape his evil oppressors, make passage on an intergalactic long-haul service as a stow-away, and when they were sure they were in a well travelled space lane, they hotwired an escape pod and waited for rescue. While they waited, they found some beer brewing equipment so they sanitised it with laundry soaker!

As you are sure to have guessed by now, rescue came in the form of the most beautiful robot history had ever seen, Bellatron. Always with a soft spot in her heart and a penchant for taking on crazy odds, Bellatron vowed to free the good people of Hexagon and boy, did she raise merry hell against the Kali Ma! 

Waging a one-woman-army war is possibly not the smartest tactical move against the Kali Ma but by month's end, Bellatron had destroyed the entire space fleet of the Kali Ma.  She then waged a brutal ground war with over 70,000 Kali Ma troops, for Bellatron this was a gruesome sport.  Bellatron became famous within the Hexagon people for her cry of 'Come here you calamari, I need some lunch!' as she launched an attack. Indeed, it is whispered that the Kali Ma, to this very day, refer to our heroine as the Bellatron The Butcher.

As she had hoped, Bellatron's actions inspired an uprising from the Hexagons who slowly began their own revolt against their unwelcome masters. Many ferocious battles were fought in the three main cities of Hexagon. After four months, the Kali Ma sensed they were in a war they could not win and called for a general evacuation of their people. The remaining Kali Ma left Hexagon exactly 50 years to the day they initially declared Hexagon for themselves but only after signing a treaty between themselves and Bellatron they would return to their home planet of Dune and never bear arms again.

Bellatron returns to Hexagon every 50 years at the request of the people to join in festivities celebrating their hard won freedoms. 

Image concept by Bellatron and designed by Neil Billings. Go hire him, she did!

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